The one just completed. The other re stuck in the middle. And for others it will start soon. The doctrine is the Foundation of the Swiss vocational education system. More than two-thirds of Swiss young people opt for this way, while about 25 percent go to the high school.

But the companies are not thrilled by the offspring – quite the contrary! The apprenticeship exchange Yousty has carried out a survey in the Swiss training. 798 personnel managers and trainers have responded – and they moan through the tape. You have trouble to recruit apprentices, because the young people meet the demands of the adults.

apprentice the interest of lots of people?

The survey is Sunday view and shows that The criticism is varied. More and more training would be canceled, complain to the trainers. The young people had less stamina and were prepared by the schools are not good enough for professional life. “The cell phone age has made the youth to partially interest-free people,” summarizes Yousty the answers. In the Figures, 58.4 percent of the respondents found that the apprenticeship recruitment was difficult. Approximately the same number indicate that the filling of teaching positions this summer, has become even more complicated than in the previous year.

Of the respondents, the apprentice responsible for 58.7 percent are female. Women tend to find it to find it even more difficult, adequate teaching staff, than their male colleagues. 60.4 percent of female apprentice managers complain about their hardships in recruiting.

Complicating matters, the demography is added, the apprentice professionals. For now the birth to come in weak vintages to the apprentice age. The HR managers complain also about the poor grades, the very young applicants and their convenience. So many are no longer willing to accept a commute that is longer than 15 to 20 minutes

do Not take enough appreciation in craft Occupations

The survey is broad-based. The educational establishments are spread over 15 of the Swiss German cantons, and in almost all industries. The economy would be dependent on the apprentices. On Tuesday, the VIEW published an alarming figure: Switzerland is a lack of 42’778 craftsmen – especially carpentry, Sanitary and electrical installers.

is not alone to the young people there. Serge Naughty worked until a year ago, the Association of building engineers, today he is a managing Director of the Association of ICT professional education in Switzerland, for the computer science and Mediamatik pins responsible. He is not the young people in protection: “Especially in Occupations in the craft apprentices learn enough appreciation.” In the craft huge generational differences

there were High drop-out and failure rates

“In the computer science industry, and we are very pleased with our apprentices. Conversely, this is also true.” In fact, over 90 percent of the learners indicated in the IT industry, you will be satisfied with the choice of profession.
either way, Critical thinking, says Serge Naughty: In computer science, the apprentices would be appreciated as future specialists and promoted. Unlike the craft. “The dropout and failure rates are much higher. This is mainly due to the in-company training culture.” Nowadays, you could no longer motivated to demand that the apprentices: “be!” You have to give them interesting activities, and inspire you. Then you are ready to afford much. “In any case, you should consider it as a cheap labor force.”

the role of the educator has changed, confirmed by Christoph Weber. He is the managing Director of the company professional, the training supervisors each year, around 6500 people to Apprentice. “Learning by the end of today need more care than in the past”, says Christoph Weber.

a Professional trainer instead of teacher,

But that’s not the only difference. “The roles are very different today: An apprentice no longer makes simply only Lehrlingsbüez. At the same time it is not teachers, but career educators.” The expert locates the problem in the priority-setting of the farms: “Many Trainers have the feeling that you have too little time. Their work is not appreciated by the bosses often enough.”

what is certain is that for the apprentices, the life has become more complex. There are now more than 250 different professions, from which you can make a choice. Most often, young people turn for advice to their parents. Behind friends and colleagues, as well as the teachers to follow. This is evident also from the Yousty survey, which questioned 2228 students for the teaching job search.

Be it in the choice of teaching or in the supervision in the operation: The adults, in other words, just as Yours, the success model of teaching remains a model of success.