He fears for the lives of his pregnant wife. For this reason, the Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter (39) seeks to a ban on Contact for his younger brother Aaron (31).

These have recently said that he is carrying thoughts, “my pregnant wife and my unborn child to kill,” said the musician on Tuesday (local time). His sister Angel (31) and he had no other choice to apply for as the available. The People magazine “TMZ” reported, a Hearing in the case was for the 16. October has been set.

Aaron said on Twitter that he had not seen his brother in four years, and not have it. “I would cause my family harm.”

Now, Aaron Carter is still a top. Via Twitter, he reports again to the word and asks: “Why has obtained my brother, no restraining order against a girl who has him reported to the police for rape?”

he plays on Melissa Schuman (35) of the former Teen Band “Dream”. She sued Nick Carter two years ago, because he is said to have raped the then 18-Year-old allegedly. She was still a virgin. The lawsuit was dropped.

His brother, however, claims that it should Year be more victims, including a then 15 -. Many of the affected women had come to him to talk about

The former child star who is working on a Comeback, spoke a few days ago in a US show about his year-long drug use. He’ll take several medications to get his mental problems. (SDA)