Ben Affleck is the target of intense backlash after he made comments about his drinking habits during his marriage with Jennifer Garner.

Howard Stern interviewed Affleck about his experiences in rehab for alcoholism. He said that he would probably still be drinking if he hadn’t separated from Garner in 2015. In 2018, the couple finalized their divorce.

Stern said that part of the reason I started to drink was because I was trapped. Stern said that he was unable to leave his children’s home because he was unhappy. “I was like, ‘I can’t leave because of my kids, but I don’t want to be unhappy. So, what did I do? I drank a glass of Scotch and fell asleep on a couch. This wasn’t the right solution.

Twitter users criticized Affleck’s apparent attempt to put his drinking problems on his ex-wife.


One person tweeted, “Ben Affleck: If I stayed married Jennifer Garner/ Jennifer Garner, I would’ve still’ been drinking. *Helps him to get rehab for 3 years after they have separated.

“What a low-minded thing to say about your marriage and about the mother of your kids! This is a convenient excuse to hide your obvious addiction to booze. Another said, “Shame on you.”

One user said, “Jennifer Garner will not take the blame for your drinking.”

Someone else thought that Ben Affleck’s accusation of Jennifer Garner was proof that he has an accountability problem.

“Clear case narcissism, gaslighting. He had been drinking before, during and after Jennifer garner. He blames Jennifer and publicly says that she drove him to rehab.


After 10 years of marriage, Affleck and Garner separated in June 2015. They have three children together: Violet (15), Seraphina (12) and Samuel (9).

Stern was told by Affleck, 49: “Ultimately, because we had children, we tried, and we tried. But, both of us felt that we didn’t want it to be the model our kids see for marriage.”

The actor of “The Tender Bar”, then attacked tabloids for reporting Garner’s divorce story wrong. He also claimed that the couple ended on good terms.

“All you saw in the news about the divorce was bulls —. “The truth is that we took our time and made our decision. We fell apart,” said the director. “We had a relationship that failed. This is what happens. This is what happens.


Affleck stated, “We did it amicably.” “We did our best. Were there moments of tension? Were there disagreements about custody? Did stuff get in the way? Did we get angry? It was possible to get angry, but it was fundamentally based on respect. She was a great mom, I knew that. I hoped she would know I was a good father. “I knew that I was.”

Garner was also spotted in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and she seemed to be in good spirits while she sipped coffee.

The actress in “Alias”, was casually dressed in leggings and sneakers, as well as a fuzzy jacket and glasses.

The Oscar-winner admitted to Diane Sawyer in February 2020 that he was struggling with alcoholism. I started drinking every day. I meant that I would come home from work and start drinking. “And then I’d just sit down and drink until I passed out on the couch,” Affleck explained.

He also talked about his family’s history of addiction and alcoholism, especially his father who was “drunk every single day.”

“That was life. That was all it was,” Affleck said. “And that became worse, that was really, truly painful. That’ll never happen to me, I said. “I am never going to do that.

He said, “I wish that he would have been sober during those formative decades.” He has taught me how important it was for me to be sober during these formative years for my children.

Later, Sawyer read a live television interview on Good Morning America.

“What I want is to publicly and privately say is “Thank you.” He wrote that he wanted to thank him for being thoughtful, considerate and responsible and for being a great mother and person.