The means to give radiance to the skin relaxed, “just from the sea,” the complexion. “Kommersant Style” explains how to choose and apply to not overdo it with glitter.”Highlighter is a product that features fine light-reflecting particles, it gives glow to the skin,” says Olga Romanova, Romanovamakeup. — “First and foremost, he or visually simulates or accentuates healthy skin”. Just running in the new difficult market conditions this product, Olga believes that makeup is the time. Military need, who among us does not want to look rested, even if it is not? Many people confuse their purpose with bronzing powders — both means seem to follow the same goal — to make the skin more tanned and glowing. “It’s not quite so”, — says Olga. “The highlighter is applied on the convex part (on top of the cheekbones, upper brow line), this effect helps to give the face freshness, elasticity and visually “lift” the facial features. If you want to achieve a more glamorous effect, glowing skin, apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose, above the upper lip, my chin, corners of the eyes and even the tip of the nose”. As for powders — their task is to highlight the beautiful skin tone, not create it. And in applying the other rules — “bronzing products applied on those areas that primarily burn in the sun — it’s cheeks, center of forehead, nose and chin,” says Olga.If you are impressed with the makeup of stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Georgia Fowler and Haley Bieber, pay attention to the advice of the American vizazhistka Nikki De Roest. It does hilitary to Foundation and concealer. “So your skin is as if to Shine from within,” she says. “And it will be noticeable not only in real life but also online”.And another important point — usually people with oily skin avoid to use such a shining to add an additional skin Shine. Olga Romanova’m sure the oiliness of the skin is not a reason to abandon shimmers / highlighters, “it’s important to choose a light texture and the right to distribute the means”. The main area of fat is the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin), so here is the highlighter not the place.Irina Kirienko