Said the winner, Sanja (26) with a Bachelor’s Clive Bucher (26) is not serious? Shortly after the TV broadcast, the two announced their separation reportedly because they had a lot to do, and because of the distance between their places of residence, Villmergen AG and Vienna, only rarely seen. Ex-“Bachelorette”candidate, Anthony (27) questions on Instagram and now the whole relationship.

Telltale Screenshots

In his Story he made yesterday in public that Sanja asked him at the Public Viewing at the “Bachelorette”Finale behind the stage after a Fake relationship. “You wanted to leave the Bachelor, to be with me,” he writes. To this end, he published Screenshots of how Sanja asks him to a Meeting, to take photos, so that it “looks credible”. They hoped for a “scandal” – so probably the attention in the media. Spicy: As the Whole thing happened, were Sanja and Clive officially still in a happy relationship.

On demand of VIEW, Anthony reiterated: “What I have written is everything! I wanted to show my young followers to hear the true picture, you can see that on Social Media.” To him it is not about his fame in the headlines, but to help young people. This is also why he could not stand behind Sanja’s Plan. The long-awarded the Zurich adds: “I would Also like to promote anyone who has real fur bears. That’s not the point!”

Sanja denied the rumors

Sanja, however, denies that. VIEW you can be the following Statement: “Apparently, Anthony has the need for attention and wants to create conversation pieces, a wild Story. It’s a bad joke!”

Bachelor’s Clive Bucher gives to the rumors raised the usual calm. “From All I’ve never heard of something,” he says. He does not want to break even on the head about what’s behind the allegations. “It may be possible, but also not. If I would investigate now, could I wear the orange strip and go to Kindergarten.”

The first Meeting of Clive and Sanja delivery spectacular. The Austrian lost on the first Date extra your Shoe. As Clive brought him back to her, squeezing him a kiss on the lips.

The last Rose is for Sanja. Even if you must share your dream date with competitor Alisha (29), pulling the Austrian, with their openness, the Whole attention of the rose cavalier. You told him that you had to make your Boobs, your nose and your lips. “I looked in the mirror and not felt comfortable,” she explains. The honesty was rewarded: Sanja was allowed into the final.

In the Grand Finale Sanja was against Mia (22) and Amanda (21). For you the decision came as a surprise. “I really thought that Amanda wins. When I heard my name, I’m freaked out,” she said at the time, in conversation with a VIEW.

-live talk is announced a finalist Mia: “At the end of the Ghetto-Bitch laughs.” This statement should briefly provide, nor for the hustle and bustle. On the same day, Clive and Sanja in the last “Bachelor”show to the public that they are also after the shooting.

for the First time, the two were now also in the media as the Couple present. With their statements on the topic of Migration and real fur it verscherzete be Sanja but with many Fans. Clive stood still behind her.

After quarrels with the third Mia to place the still-young relationship was put to a severe test. Because Mia claimed that she had repeatedly had Sex with the Rosenkavalier – as this one did with Sanja. Clive disagreed with these allegations. Sanja familiar to your sweetheart more than the statements of the Mia.

Together, Clive and Sanja celebrated new year’s eve in their hometown of Vienna. After this visit, the two have not met.

After a separation was speculated to be insured, Clive and Sanja on demand of VIEW: “We are still a Couple.” Soon they wanted to meet again.

Clive and Sanja had to see on Valentine’s day that their relationship has no future. A day later, they announced that their relationship.

There are rumors that Sanja I have played, love to Clive. The reason: you should have tried to stage a PR-relationship with the Ex-“Bachelorette”candidate, Anthony.