Clive Bucher (27) is a Bachelor, entrepreneur, financial consultant, motivation coach, Speaker, Influencer, and soon, author. The Aargauer already released on 7. October, his first book “Mental Power”. “It’s a dream come true for me,” says Bucher in an interview with LOOK. To him it was important, his Knowledge in the field of personality development to pass on. “I want to show young people that they can do anything, if you give everything. This is all just a matter of setting!”

The book is from the Buchers life, as the biography he would not like to call it. “For something like this, I’m still much too young! It is a life more section of the book, or a counselor,” says the entrepreneur. Also be given tips on how you can motivate yourself again and again, and how to set right goals. As a Bachelor, he leaves the topic of love is not unangesprochen: He writes of why most relationships and just how you as a Couple will be happy.

Childhood To talk about in the home as a theme

the woman has a swarm in his book a lot, despite his age of 27 years. Bucher grew up in the children’s home. There, he was pulled for a long time by a nun in size. Also about his time as der Rosenkavalier, he would like to speak on his new work. “I want to show that I am the type that is known from a few hours of TV show,” he said.

The whole book has been written by Clive himself, and in record time. “For two weeks I left the house, almost never, and up to 14 hours at a stretch, only written.” The pressure to do so, he has made himself. On 8. October, held his book presentation in Bern. “So a date, I don’t want to move, of course.”