On Friday gave Bachelor’s Clive Bucher (25) and his chosen Sanja (26) chose their separation. You so in the long Beat of the separate “Bachelor”couples. Apart from Janosch Nietlispach (30) and Kristina (24) separated the knight of the rose and his Chosen one again and again shortly after the season concluded.

channel-in-chief regrets separation

in Spite of the love-Broke’s 3+in-chief Dominik Kaiser (48) is convinced by the Format. “The show “The Bachelor” is a very romantic way to find the great love – whether the love lasts and works, it shows the true life,” he explains. With Janosch and his Kristina, you’ve found a dream pair. “The other winners of the pairs were all together a few months. Not at all, it had worked only once,” he says.

The relationship From the case of Clive and Sanja he regrets. “It is a great pity that the two have separated,” says Kaiser. He is hope for the two that you are finding luck in love.

New Show coming soon

That Clive is trying this again in the TV, is possible. When asked about this, explained to the station chief: “Clive is a great guy and working with him has been Fun. Why not, if a suitable Format?” The next opportunity is already in front of the door: In late summer, 3+ the Format of “Bachelor in Paradise want to show” in Switzerland. In it, former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette”protagonists of love, once again, the big – with each other.

in addition to Adela Smajic (25) is Clive the only possible participants, of the distributed self-roses. 3+ will do everything we can to commit to him for the shipment. The rate for the sake of.

The first Meeting of Clive and Sanja delivery spectacular. The Austrian lost on the first Date extra your Shoe. As Clive brought him back to her, squeezing him a kiss on the lips.

The last Rose is for Sanja. Even if you must share your dream date with competitor Alisha (29), pulling the Austrian, with their openness, the Whole attention of the rose cavalier. You told him that you had to make your Boobs, your nose and your lips. “I looked in the mirror and not felt comfortable,” she explains. The honesty was rewarded: Sanja was allowed into the final.

In the Grand Finale Sanja was against Mia (22) and Amanda (21). For you the decision came as a surprise. “I really thought that Amanda wins. When I heard my name, I’m freaked out,” she said at the time, in conversation with a VIEW.

-live talk is announced a finalist Mia: “At the end of the Ghetto-Bitch laughs.” This statement should briefly provide, nor for the hustle and bustle. On the same day, Clive and Sanja in the last “Bachelor”show to the public that they are also after the shooting.

for the First time, the two were now also in the media as the Couple present. With their statements on the topic of Migration and real fur it verscherzete be Sanja but with many Fans. Clive stood still behind her.

After quarrels with the third Mia to place the still-young relationship was put to a severe test. Because Mia claimed that she had repeatedly had Sex with the Rosenkavalier – as this one did with Sanja. Clive disagreed with these allegations. Sanja familiar to your sweetheart more than the statements of the Mia.

Together, Clive and Sanja celebrated new year’s eve in their hometown of Vienna. After this visit, the two have not met.

After a separation was speculated to be insured, Clive and Sanja on demand of VIEW: “We are still a Couple.” Soon they wanted to meet again.

Clive and Sanja had to see on Valentine’s day that their relationship has no future. A day later, they announced that their relationship.

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