With 26 years, Bachelor, Clive Bucher was this week’s hair transplant. He tells of the engagement, because he needed, by his own admission, yet urgently. “Actually, I wanted to leave it in for five years to perform,” says the knight of the rose. Because he was now with a friend in the Turkish city of Istanbul and the clinic, no long waiting times, he seized his Chance.

for a Long time Already he had been disturbed his hair. “If I wanted to make me a hairstyle, I had hair just too little. That’s why I thought that, if I do it now, I declared for the next 15 to 20 years of rest,” he said. Bucher is to be vain. “I put much value on my Appearance. I want to please me in the mirror,” he says. “Since I have previously had more hair and lost that bothered me.”

Many men can not affected

Aware of the promises he’s holding out on the surgery. “I think that you can stand without any problem, because over 80 percent of men are affected by hair loss,” says the Aargau. He would like to make other Affected courage that such interventions are not a Problem. “It’s nothing Bad!”

About 2800 Swiss francs at a cost of Bucher, the hair transplantation. Nevertheless, he makes it clear: “I am because of the price there, but because it has been recommended to me.” The surgery went well. “Just the anaesthetic was painful. I got sure about 30 to 40 injection is administered,” says the knight of the rose. Of the treatment, he didn’t noticed then but not a lot. How the hair transplantation is run, it will show in a few weeks, if Buchers hair re-grow.

No interference

planned wants Whether he has now licked like his female counterpart, the Bachelorette, Adela Smajic (26), blood and beauty doctor now more likely to visit? “No, otherwise I can never do something, and it is also nothing more is planned!”