this week starts the new “Bachelor”season with a pretzel entrepreneur, Patric Haziri (29). Now it is known which of the ladies the last Rose of the bachelor fight.

The catfight is also in this year. In his first Interview of the new “Rosenkavalier” explained: “Each has its own character – some are funny, others full of temperament. Probably why it was for the Ladies is not so simple, with each other to get along.”

Nevertheless, Patric says of its 21 candidates. “Every single one of them was on their way to specifically and amusing.” A it seems to have him particularly fond of. He reveals: “I have a tingling in my belly and I am glad if I can pursue this any further.”

wide selection

As in previous years, 3+ in their efforts to comply with all sorts of clichés. So the private broadcasters, announces in addition to a Playmate, a female bodybuilder, a “Miss Beauty-OP” and an alleged “High Society Lady”.

Who are the 21 “Bachelor”-candidates, you will find out in the gallery.

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