the Ex-“Bachelor”contestant Bellydah (28) breaks a taboo: In an Instagram Post, she talks openly about the fact that you can sterilize. “I have enough reasons and in this terrible world, I want to put just any children,” she says, explaining her decision. Long as you’ve considered, but really not a single reason could be found, the talk, that she should become a mother.

On demand of VIEW the Rapperswilerin reaffirmed their Plan again. “The appointment is At 11. Of November.” For you there is no going Back. “I’m sure of it!” The clarification discussions with your wife’s doctor has already.

No desire for children

to fear, to regret the engagement, not the Hobby-rapper. She says: “I never wanted children – so really never!” You could not imagine, to live your life for the offspring on its head. “If you don’t have with nearly 30 years of children’s time, will not change too,” she added. The pregnancy was too much. “I have let my body not to operate to the end again like in the beginning look!” Also life as a mommy and can’t imagine Bellydah. She says: “You live for your child and something I don’t want to! So I’m just not.”

As a small child Bellydah ended up in the home, because her mother was a drug addict. Finally, she grew up at her grandmother. “Whether this is also a reason for the sterilisation, I don’t know so right,” she admits. However, it is possible that their past had influenced their decision.

Other methods of contraception have not tried

Why Bellydah resorts to other methods of contraception, instead of making this radical step has its reason. “The three-month injection, I can’t stand, hormone patch it looks for me constantly, on the pill I forget much too often, and before that to let me spiral started, I’m afraid,” she explains. Before you had to fear after the Sex is about to become a mother, whether the sterilization is the Best for you. “I’m sure of it!”