Slowly but surely, the “Bachelorette”season is coming to an end. A number of stories to the Dome show, we have posted some of the Details were to us then, but then no Story value. Because they are, in part, to surpass in absurdity hardly, we summarize them in this article – short and concise.

Achi already got a Porn offer

Achi (29) was probably the most scandalous candidate of the current “Bachelorette”season. In the Blüttel show “Adam seeks eve” he moved even blank. In an aside, he mentioned in an Interview that porn producers were on him and his “Mr. Torpedo”, the nickname for his best piece, carefully. He did but then canceled.

couple therapist laughed about Achi

another Station in Achish Trash-TV-past: his participation in the dome format “Take Me Out” in the past year. Because he scared her off, at the time, within a very short time all the women came to a couple of therapist in RTL with him: “If I experience Achi, he’s incredible grip. This means that it immediately exceeds limits. If he tells me something, it is always only self-representations. That doesn’t make him really sympathetic.”

The (supposedly) most popular candidate

seek To the beginning of the season, we are the most popular candidates of the season. Among the candidates, a dispute broke out that is why. You were sure that Philippe (26) had cheated. Within a night he had several thousand more votes. When Danilo caught up, were several thousand votes. Whether this is realistic, we leave to our readers.

“Enough Joints” during the shoot

to bridge the commercial break, made the Moderator of Zeki Bugurucu (28) at the Public Viewing of a question and answer session. Short hand someone asked Surferboy Fabio (28) the question: “How many Joints did you smoke in Africa?” Without a sheet in front of the mouth, said this: “Enough!”

Jascha’s Transformation

In contrast to its competitors, the Bernese candidate Jascha (24) put on before the shoot no extra hours in the gym. On the flight back from South Africa, he told a competitor, and fitness coach Alex (24), that he would like to be a little more muscular – in short hand him the Eastern Swiss a training plan that clearly demonstrated effect. Before the end of the 100-day period, posted Alex proud to present the first snapshots of his protégé – and this had to be. Jascha has resolved within 80 days muscles. Whether Andrina regretted the evacuation, I wonder?

Demotivated candidates

K1-fighter Rico (29) is for his mouth known. In a live talk of the Canton of Thurgau revealed that he and rival Jonas (22) wanted to go in the home because it was too stressful. Jonas was ultimately a consequence of later – but for a different reason.

Jonas now wants to be a Model

After his voluntary departure of logistics Jonas has a new goal: He wants to as a Model by start. On Instagram, he shows all the while, as he has the perfect Catwalk. A Chance to put his Talent under proof, is already. The Aargauer has made it to the Recall of the Elite Model Look.

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