On Monday evening, it was announced: Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26) has given the Zurich-based muscle man Kenny (23) your last Rose. Whether the two are a Couple? In the Interviews they still covered. So Andrina says when asked, simply: “I can’t tell. That you see in the next week!” Then 3+ the large payroll shipment radiates the love secret will be revealed to be.

Some of the things that the two of them are together. While the couples have tried in recent years to go to the Public Viewing at a distance, gave Kenny Andrina on Monday in front of all the viewers a kiss on the lips. “A Küssli have given her also the other, for they had no feelings. A Küssli’t say anything,” he says. He quips, also, about his sex life, Exercise have to kiss women – an allusion to his wild.

candidates know

The Settlement movement has already turned off a few weeks ago. During the turning of the eliminated candidates were. So, you know, whether or not the two are a Couple. In VIEW Livestream to broadcast the second-placed Danilo (24) and the third-placed Levin (23) betted on how long the relationship between the two holds. Hardly had they done this, when Andrina and Kenny were already separated.

Andrina and Kenny were in the last few weeks on the road together. The other candidates were, at least that’s what you saw on Social Media, again and again, to spoilers, probably nothing. The two were separated for a long time, would spend her leisure time with each other.

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