the first episode of The current “Bachelorette”season has a lot to conquer For the heart of Andrina Santoro (26), are the Single to shame men for nothing. A VIEW looking back again on the biggest foreign-shame moments.

a naked photo for the Bachelorette

That the candidate have a gift for the Bachelorette, has long been part of the sound. But the Austrians Achi (29) wanted it to be exaggerated then with a personal something, and brought the Bachelorette a the Nude photo. After all, he was so free and censored the bare minimum.

Andrina : “I was speechless. The action was funny and suits him. He is self remained.”

Achi makes the covers

not Because of the Nude photo was enough to put Achi later, again At the Speed Dating he stripte for Andrina. Only his under pants of the Austrians kept.

Andrina : “His Moves were a little strange and I had quite a laugh. Sexy it was something embarrassing.”

With a whip when you get to Know

candidate Adrian (26) showed up at the Meet with a whip in Hand. For the Bachelorette, he said: “I have not much to say. Only: still water runs deep and damn dirty!” As this is asked, visibly surprised at what it has, says Adrian: “you can find out.” In a one-player, he says that his whip would fit Andrinas Füdli.

Andrina : “I was very surprised, because I would not have expected of him. The action made me curious.”

Schwyzerörgeli music with bad vocals

The Thurgauer martial artist Rico (29) came as with his Fight with his ��rgeli in the Hand. While he played music, he sang for Andrina: “Bätschi give me ä Rose.” Competitor Mike (29), said: “With the types of something went entirely wrong.”

Andrina : “I was very impressed with his Örgeli -. It shows that he is musically, and there’s still more to it.”

Already the two candidates had to travel home: the Rhine valley, Alex B. (24) and the Bernese Jascha (24) had Andrina not Rose. Both explain on demand of the VIEW that they had not expected so early.

Ungefragter kiss

The Aargauer logistics Jonas (22) went in to Meet with Andrina in the Offensive. He asked the Fitness Influencerin to close the eyes. Short-hand and, above all, without being asked, he gave her a kiss on the lips. He says in the broadcast: “A kiss says more than a thousand words.”

Andrina : “I was a little overwhelmed, because I had not reckoned with, but it was okay for me. It showed courage, and it was just a welcome kiss. If he would have me put the tongue in the neck, it would have been inappropriate.”

Ungefragter kiss no 2

Also in the show, Jonas was of great criticism for his übergriffige action spared. The Bachelorette stressed that they themselves will choose who she kisses, but she said: “But how to win says: the audacity!” Shortly after moved Örgeli-Fighter Rico, and Andrina was the rose delivery with a kiss on the lips. “Audacity to win”, he repeated.

Andrina : “I felt it was inappropriate and a little naughty of him. But he also showed so much courage.”

Jay is oiling

As a candidate, Jay (27) Andrina stands, pulls the shirt and asks Andrina, his chest oiled. He said: “I felt a connection.” The other candidates, however, not motzten that his action go.

Andrina : “In the first Moment, I thought that Jay is a Stripper. Stripper I can’t find such a turn-on, but it was definitely exciting and fun.”

Sex confession

asked As Andrina the candidates, what is the most special place you ever had Sex, said a migration expert Dragan (28), unabashed, That it had come to him in the middle of the Football field to a hat-Trick.

Andrina : “I was amazed by his confession. But also I like to have in unusual places Sex, so I was listening to it exciting.”

at the end of April, the 3+program “Bachelorette” in the fifth season. Fitness Influencerin Andrina Santaro is looking for 21 Single-men the great love. Do you want to miss anything? All the news and rumors you can find in our large Ticker.