last Friday was the first “Bachelorette”-candidate was known. The Aargauer logistics Jonas (22) fights for the heart of Andrina Santoro (26). A VIEW of three of his competitors in the race for the final Rose of the biceps Bachelorette.

Casanova with impact force

martial artist Rico (29), in the TV show for a laugh or two. Because of the Thurgauer talk without point and comma. Elsewhere, he likes to let the fists do the talking. Just like the Ex-Bachelor Janosch Nietlispach (30) operates the martial arts K1. At the competitions, he’ll have to take a beating. “A laceration was sewn with twelve stitches, my nose I broke me a couple of times and also a Tooth I lost. This is just part of it,” he says.

Rico, made his invasion into the Ring for the headlines: While the other Martial artists, each rocking music is playing, plays the muscle man prefer himself to his Schwyzerörgeli. The get women good. “A wanted time I örgele during Sex,” he says. If he did it? “I would have tried it Yes, but I didn’t have my Schwyzerörgeli.”

Crossfit man with a difficult Childhood,

The St. Gallen Jeremy (25) is in another respect a fighter. A birth defect on his leg to put him already at a young age. 20 operations influenced his youth. “Even worse than the physical pain, the psychological part were, at the time, but,” he says, looking back. Because while the other children played outside, Jeremy was often linked to the crutches.

Today, you no longer noted him with his emotional past. The strategic buyers on a regular basis, Crossfit and climbing. “I’m brutally fit, it was never planned that way,” he points out. nJeremys last relationship was two years ago and ended in Chaos. “You broke up with me, because they allegedly had no more feelings for me. Then you wanted me back again before they separated again for the same reason.” The end of the three-year relationship had strongly gnawed at him, but today he was ready for a new wife at his side.

at the end of April, the 3+program “Bachelorette” in the fifth season. Fitness Influencerin Andrina Santaro is looking for 21 Single-men the great love. Do you want to miss anything? All the news and rumors you can find in our large Ticker.

Banker is not afraid to call

bankers Levin (23) would not have applied of their own free will even at the Dome show. “My roommate signed me up,” admits the Zurich. “It was serious and I traveled to South Africa. The Chance to find in the show, the big love, Yes.” In spite of his job at the Bank, he is not afraid of losing in the Trash-TV show to his reputation. “Of course, it is tricky, but in the end, I’ve done nothing I’m ashamed of.”

Sex during the shooting of the 23-Year-old does not exclude. “If it fits the Situation, I don’t mind,” he says. It was clear to him: “in Front of the camera, nothing happens!” Whether with or without the Bachelorette at his side. For his future, Levin already has big plans. “Until I’m 30 years old, I’d like to be daddy.” Most of all he would like to have two children – a boy and a girl, “but you can’t plan, yeah.”