“Bachelorette”candidate Massimo (23) has a turbulent Childhood behind. In the third episode, he reveals Andrina (26): “My stepfather beat us day in and day out, when we were little.”

With 14 years he wanted to fight back, finally, and went to the man and his mommies. “When I ran off, he hit a door in front of me and I ran in the washer.” Today, a 14-centimeter-long scar reminds him of the incident.

the mother

happened behind the back at the Beginning, his mother got nothing from the attacks on Massimo and his little sister. “This all happened behind her back. In front of her, everything was always good. As soon as she was gone, he was violent,” he says. The real reason for the sudden attacks of his step-father, Massimo doesn’t know, almost ten years later. “I was just beaten. Perhaps out of joy. I don’t know.” Especially sneaky: His stepfather had done all denied, and as if everything was good. “He was a Manipulator and everything could turn so that it looks good,” he recalls.

Massimo and his family lived at that time in Spain. His biological dad, who lived in Switzerland, he told on the phone from the abuse. He wanted to take him away from her by his violent stepfather. But the stepfather informed the police, and said that the biological father wanted me to kidnap Massimo. “It is almost already a Mature Hollywood Story,” says Massimo, in retrospect.

return to Switzerland,

With 14 years ended in the terrible Chapter. “I eventually realized my mother because he could no longer hide it,” says Massimo. Finally, they were back in Switzerland – without the stepfather.

Today he had finished with the whole story, confirmed Massimo. “It is a thing of the past. I have learned from it.” He tried, in his history even Positive out of all this: “as a result, I became the man I am today.” (bnr)

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