tonight is the day: Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26) missed your last Rose. Her two best friends Selma (23) and Cyril (31) to travel shortly before the decision to resort to the Zürcher Fitness-Influencerin under the arms. VIEWS betray you, what was your impression of the finalists.

Selma and Cyril have a clear favorite: the Zurich bankers Levin (23). “He fits very good to her”, they explain. Throughout the season, the two would be in perfect harmony with each other. “He seems to be authentic. It seems as if he does not adjusted, and some plays.”

Achi was not an Option

Andrina seems to be the right candidate for the run-pass have given. So would Cyril not imagine that Andrina with the Austrians chatterbox Achi (29) has a future. “He has shown no interest in her,” he explains.

As the ideal Partner for Andrina looks like? “He sure must spend a lot of time for you and show her that he appreciates you,” says Selma. Because the Bachelorette was on the road a lot, need someone down-to-earth, the to give your support. Cyril adds: “she needs someone who stands with both legs in life.”

How Andrina will decide? Learn it tonight at 20.10 in “Bachelorette”-with a live Ticker will be on!