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The Schwyzer Adrian with ��The Bachelorette”, to gather new experiences. His last relationship was five years. “We had a good relationship, but different interests. It is failed at the end, then,” he explains.

No Sex in the TV

When he speaks of Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26), the body painter into raptures. “I really like your aura – which is great. Also your figure suits me very well.” In spite of the crush, he draws for the TV-show a clear boundary. “I think Sex is something Personal and not something I want to share with the Public.”

Basically, he is open to, with regard to One-Night Stands. “I have nothing against it. One quickly realizes it or not,” he says.

In the “Bachelorette”-season he wants to show that he is so cautious about how he acts in the first Moment.

at the end of April, the 3+program “Bachelorette” in the fifth season. Fitness Influencerin Andrina Santaro is looking for 21 Single-men the great love. Do you want to miss anything? All the news and rumors you can find in our large Ticker.