confirmed Until the beginning of this week 3+: Andrina Santoro (26) is the new Bachelorette. But who fights everything to the heart of the Single woman, is not officially confirmed yet. LOOK familiar now one of the candidates: The Aargauer Jonas Busslinger (22) wants to conquer the heart of the Fitness-Influencerin.

For Busslinger, it is not the first step in the Public. In 2018, he fought at the “Swiss Men’s Award”, a new Form of Mister-Switzerland-election to the title of “Mister Right”. But during the competition he got out in the mutual agreement, as the organizers explain on request. VIEW white: The shooting for the Dome a participation in the Mister have impossible-choice.

Mia gave him a rebuff

On Instagram, the Aargauer also shows pride images from a shoot with “the Bachelor”contestant Mia (22). This seems to be anything other than impressed by the logistics company. “I can imagine him well as “the Bachelorette”candidate. He’s trying so hard to be famous,” she says. On several occasions he had written to her, whether she wanted to go with him to drink something.

“According to the common Shooting he also said that it is now safe to headlines that he was my new friend,” she says. That he really had interest in her, don’t believe Mia. “He just wanted to benefit from my awareness. Anyway, he is not at all my type!”

What happened in South Africa?

Spicy: Even in the case of Bachelorette Andrina Santoro, the spark has not ignited. Because during the last days of filming took place in South Africa, was Busslinger long ago back in Switzerland. When “Mister Right”-the Final in mid-March, he stood together with his Ex-competitor on the stage.

On demand of VIEW to Express, neither Busslinger 3+ to the rumors.