“Bachelorette”candidate, Levin (23) has received the first kiss of Andrina Santoro (26). It looks that way, as he could just by more romantic moments with the Bachelorette. Because one thing is for sure: Between the two, it crackles huge. Now he’s trying his remaining four competitors.

So Levin wants to get rid of his competition

Levin weaves intrigue against his Mitkandidaten Cedric (27), as well as against Danilo (24) and Jay (27). Of Austrians Cedric it is, in the new episode, he didn’t tell the other candidates, Andrina was not his type. Levin speaks to the opposite Andrina. He even claims, Cedric would mind if he had an individual date with the Bachelorette.

Levin, who is with Kenny as a favorite speaks to, again and again, a bet of Danilo and Jay. It was a question of who of the two the Bachelorette as a First kiss. Both of them had placed the bet on ice. Now, Levin seems to want to use that against you. If the good arrives at Andrina?

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