the Name Alex G. Alter28BerufAccount Manager place of residence in the Canton of Bern instagram@alex_bachelorette2019

The Berner Alex G. is an adrenaline Junkie. In the case of a parachute jump, he had to pay almost with his life. Out of sheer curiosity, he enrolled in “The Bachelorette”. Of the woman of his dreams, he has clear ideas. “It is, I like sporty, and you should not be bigger than I am.” These are all expectations, the met, Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26).

separation due to lack of time,

From her, he says: “Andrinas eyes like particularly well. You have that certain Something.” The last relationship with Alex is not that long ago. “My last girlfriend I had last year. Our relationship failed because we had too little time for each other.”

From quick Sex keeps Alex a lot. He explains: “One Night Stands are nothing more Nurturing.” Probably not, therefore it was clear for him that it comes during the filming of a tryst with the Bachelorette. “For me this was never an issue,” he says.

at the end of April, the 3+program “Bachelorette” in the fifth season. Fitness Influencerin Andrina Santaro is looking for 21 Single-men the great love. Do you want to miss anything? All the news and rumors you can find in our large Ticker.