What brings the woman you want to conquer in the 3+program “Bachelorette”? Candidate Achi (29) is only a naked photo. He pushes the Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26) at the Welcome in the Hand to see how this coming Monday on a 3+.

The image given to the Austrians Achi of the roses-lady, is censored in the step. “The Poster I was actually naked. I got it pixelated but still, because I didn’t want to show the love Andrina immediately at the beginning of everything,” says the candidate in conversation with a VIEW. His best piece, however, has seen nevertheless a broad audience, Achi was a candidate in the RTL-Naked-Show “Adam seeks eve”.

Andrina is glad that the Nude image is censored

However, as the nudie photo for Bachelorette Andrina? “It has made me very surprised and speechless,” she explains on request. However, it proves a sense of Humor when she says: “I also found funny, because who gives a already at the first Meeting a naked picture?”

the pixelation of Achish the best piece of Andrina was glad. “I don’t have to see everything at the first Meeting. It would have been too much. But the Whole was also pixelated a bit too much of a Good thing.”

“Achi is true to yourself

lucky for Achi”: minus points of the candidate is not collected. Because: “He has remained true to yourself. He is the way he is. I am glad that he has shown the true Achi,” says Andrina. Whether he has, however, introduced one of the first roses? Finally, the Bachelorette is taking part, to find your big love – and not to collect naked photos. (euc)

at the end of April, the 3+program “Bachelorette” in the fifth season. Fitness Influencerin Andrina Santaro is looking for 21 Single-men the great love. Do you want to miss anything? All the news and rumors you can find in our large Ticker.