Currently, Achi (29) is still fighting for the heart of Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (26). However, while it works in the TV, as he was interested in the Fitness Influencerin, for the Austrians long the next Trash-TV show. How a VIEW know, he’s already shooting for the RTL2-show “Naked Attraction”.

The Format has it all: Achi will have to choose from six füdliblutten candidates at the end of someone he would like to get to know each other. The candidates are behind a wall, which granted only a glimpse of the intimate area of the mating willing Singles before and after the torso and face are shown. After each step, he talked shop with presenter Milka Loff Fernandes (38) on the naked body, and explains what appeals to him at the Schnäbis and Breasts because or what is bothering him.

Achi chooses between men and women

to stand in the “Bachelorette”-season Achi makes no secret of the fact, both men as well as women. RTL2 has therefore advanced, and the Austrians, three men and three women to the choice. I don’t care who of them Achi decides – in the end, he will draw a blank, and the spectators, “Mr. Torpedo”, as he calls his best piece.

Rich Trash-TV-experience

For the field staff, it is not the first Nude experience in TV. The open-hearted Austrians sought in 2015, the big love in the Blüttel show “Adam seeks eve”. Afterwards, Achi provided with a habituation needy dance routine in “The super talent” a shake of the head. After his participation at the Swiss “Bachelorette”-season he is now back in German TV.

to see Achish performance in “Naked Attraction” will be, it takes but a little: The episode with him will air in the fall, as RTL2 is confirmed, on request of a VIEW.

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