Previously it was known that, in addition to a Bachelor’s Clive Bucher (26), the candidate landed inside Mia (22), Bellydah (27) and Mona (22) in the children’s home. In the “Bachelor”is broadcast from Monday, candidate, Alisha (29) reveals that it shares Clive’s fate. On a dream date with the Aargauer an entrepreneur, you confesses: “I had a beautiful Childhood.”

for Ten years she had been in the home. “It was not easy, I had to take care of myself,” she says. Until she graduated with 19 years of teaching, she lived in children’s home. The time have you dominated. Therefore, they enjoy now, “each individual’s freedom”.

Same past

That the knight of the rose was in the home, learns Alisha is only at the Date. The common past connects the two, even in the choice of a partner: be aware of who you are getting into. “The fact that you’re going to a lifetime of Struggling and hurt, you will be more careful,” says Clive.

“When I’m with you on the outside, it tingles in the belly,” says the Bachelor at the end of the Dates. Also in the case of Alisha, this seems to be the case. No wonder, then, comes it to a kiss. Whether Alisha has the place in the Grand final already secure? (bnr)