Already in the first episode of “the Bachelor” had a candidate, Tanja (31) of the cases. Under the shower she shows füdliblutt. For the studied journalist is nothing new, because it was already several times in “Playboy”.

The Blüttelbilder were always the point of contention in past relationships. “Most of the men have problems with my Job. You know me naked in “Playboy”, and I get a lot of fan mail. I am also very happy and I am grateful for the Support. In the case of my previous partners has been triggered, however, only jealousy,” said the Vice-Playmate of the year 2018 once the VIEWS. Now they are trying to find luck in love when “the Bachelor”. But what Rosenkavalier Patric Haziri (29) actually means to the free movement of images?

With her legs spread Patric would have a Problem

“I think some pictures of her very successful”, he says. But he adds, “one or The other is maybe a bit too much or too cheesy. It is actually a pretty woman, therefore, you can make the good and it fits well to her.” A Problem for him, the images were not. He think you belong to her. “She works for and earns her money. You managed to make your Hobby and your passion into a profession, I think that’s cool,” he says further.

To fight, he would have, but with something like this: “If you would fully spread the legs, or holding extremely crass things. My or her family and the people around see this. It would be steep, but if you’re in love, then I think you can see some stuff there. It would not be easy, but if we were together, she would have to give up extra of their career for me.”