“The issue of graduation has been very intensively discussed”, – said the Minister on Thursday in the education Committee. To move the appointment back you think this is a much more difficult Situation. Thus, a post-grinding schedule would shift to the rear “and then we have reached the month of June,” said Ernst. You think the current schedule for a good deal for the students. “The fact that the framework conditions are not beautiful, we know.” It go but need to make it to the school as easy as possible. The conference of education Ministers (KMK) decided on Wednesday that the school final examinations are to be held in Germany in spite of the Corona-crisis, according to the current Stand still.

The Ministry of education works together according to Ernst is currently with the school authorities, the conditions in the schools for the exams to prepare. This is, among other things, the hygienic Standards in schools to ensure. Have a space problem, it does not give because of the closed schools added Seriously. In addition, should there be no parties after the exams, students should not go in groups.

in Addition, the schools were asked according to the education and training Committee, to write exams and class work. It was sporadically occurred. Performance assessment of the need to pay particular attention to equal opportunities. According to Ernst, there is in the digital structure of the schools in the country are still gaps. The one in the Corona-crisis, with a view to the out-of-school school and offers such as Online lessons seen.