Heidi Klum (45) and her fiance Tom Kaulitz (29), the parents already? A hotly debated topic, the “Germany’s Next Topmodel”-juror rooting for now on the brink of filming in Los Angeles again. It shows up in a belly – free-with highly knotted T-Shirt, she stands in the door of a Caravanserai. The Model-waist seems to be much less defined than usual. It is given way to, possibly, a Mini-baby tummy? The photos show the Model is also slightly from the side, heating up the speculation.

Even Heidi’s “GNTM”Co-Juror Wolfgang Joop (74) intervened recently in the Baby discussions. He was quite sure that The Supermodel is pregnant, her fiance gave him the. He added these statements are, however, opposite VIEW: “The statement that Heidi was pregnant, was not meant seriously, but probably more of a wishful thinking from me.”

Heidi Baby directs-rumors

Recently, Heidi Klum showed up at Instagram merry with champagne glass in Hand. However, Fans suspected quickly: Thus, the Model will only distract you from the Baby rumors. Because drunk she has nothing. “If you are not sure yet, and the first three months want to wait, you should authorize every rumor ever skillfully displacement signal. A glass, and a glass of sparkling wine to drink, two Pair of shoes,” says a Followerin. (euc)