FC Copenhagen disappointed horribly. Yes, it may well easily be characterized as an outright failure.

For Horsens downloaded all three points with a 1-0 victory in a deserted Telia the Park and did forårsstarten in the League completely fordærdelig for FCK.

But what a Horsens victory and important points in the hard bundstrid.

below, you’ll find B. T.’s characters, the line’s best and worst – as well as the “Three things we learned”:

He had gotten it, no matter what, for Ludwig was far more than just his goal to 1-0.

Midterforsvareren stood in the way of everything that came from copenhagen and was just totally fierce and sublime in his contest. Great match!

Character: 9

It was quite bad for the uruguayan striker, who could hunt as much, but just was not dangerous.

Had a few great chances after fine Pep Biel-speak, but was so harmless, that he would owe his teammates an apology, if he could speak English.

Character: 2

Kalle Johnsson 4
Guillermo Varela 6
Victor Nelsson 4
Andreas Bjelland 5
Pierre Bengtsson 4
Pep Biel 6
Jens Stage (out: 56.) 3
Carlos Zeca 4
Rasmus Falk (out: 74.) 5
Mikkel Kaufmann (out: 85.) 3
Michael Santos 2
Cut: 4,2

Mohamed Daramy (in: 56.) 6
Viktor Fischer (in: 74.) UB
Bryan Oviedo (check: 85.) UB

Matej Delac 7
Peter Nymann (out: 61.) 7
Malte Kiilerich 8
Alexander Ludwig 9
Michael Lumb 7
Louka Prip (out: 90.) 7
Bjarke Jacobsen 8
Ayo Simon Okosun 6
Jonas Thorsen (out:74.) 6
Hallur Hansson 8
Rune Frantsen 7
Section: 7,3

& nbsp; Erhan Masovic (in: 61.) 6
Peter Therkilsen (in: 74.) UB
Oliver Drost (check: 90.) UB

Yes, we will addressing the empty grandstands and the lack of a handshake. Bjelland clapped ironically out to the spectators, and the judges gave each other elbow before the match. The here weeks without fans in the League does nothing good for the product, and it’s damn just a little boring.

There is one, but also only an advantage in playing football without spectators. We can hear everything that’s being said. Or rather, shouted. For Horsens has really taken manager Bo henriksen’s mentality, and could really be heard on the track.

I am the manager might put on the Lower C. And the Norwegian walked hvileløst around at the empty tribune with its quarantine. It has probably been his worst match ever, for he has certainly wanted to shout his players up several times in the course of the sad affair.