There is still a week to the first contest, but already now trying to seven of the 10 Formula 1 teams to get the Ferrari to appear as a bunch of cheaters, who do not deserve to win the WORLD cup.

It is a controversial, explosive matter, that really started after the summer break last year. With six pole positions in a row, it was clear that Ferrari had gone significantly forward. It got the rumors in the paddock to go crazy. Ferrari ’cheats’. They have found a way to circumvent the rules of the consumption and have therefore gained a lot of extra horsepower.

just to take it in the bud, so I don’t think Ferrari’s customer teams, Haas (with Kevin Magnussen) and Alfa Romeo, drove with the suspicious motor. Ferrari chose of understandable reasons to keep their cards close to the body, and their customers are in all cases, there is not much information about the engines, they get delivered.

There was, as I said, many rumors about the Ferrari engines in the late summer of 2019. In fact, had the Italian motordesignere just read the rules more closely than all others and had the resources to interpret them, customize creatively. Customize to not outright cheated, but then it went out completely in the grey areas, where Formula 1 is determined.

And the more Ferrari won in the late summer of 2019, the busier they got the other teams – led by Mercedes and Red Bull – with that referred the italians.

But no one took the step fully, and requested the official protest.

For Ferraris interpretation was indeed in a grey area that could end up that the protest was rejected. Complete with a bad-loser-image to the protesters.

The international bilsportsforbund the FIA initiated the so on an own-initiative investigation of the Ferrari engine, which last week ended with a strange conclusion. ‘We have entered into a confidentiality agreement with the Ferrari’, was an announcement from the FIA.

It sounds as if FIAs studies have shown that the Ferrari engine did not meet the tribunal’s intentions, but to the italians on the other side could well argue that their creative interpretation was covered by the tribunal letter.

This kind of thing is not new in Formula 1. Through the sport’s 70-year history has the creative designers time and time again invented new solutions that had not even been thought of when the regulations were written.

Mercedes has this season, for example, presented a new styrertøj/front suspension, which optimizes hjulvinklerne, when Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas pulls in the steering wheel. Brilliant and – because the FIAs regelmagere had not thought in the lanes – not outright prohibited. But certainly not within the tribunal’s overall intentions.

But back to the Ferrari-the engine. Led by Mercedes has all the teams, which do not use the Italian engines, now written a letter to the FIA, where they would terms criticises the federation’s confidential agreement with Ferrari.

You question the federation’s leadership and integrity and talk about transparency. And more than suggests that Ferrari cheats.

But it’s not that simple. Mercedes and co. could have had all the integrity and transparency, one might think, if they had protested officially against the Ferrari engine last year. So there had been a clear answer on whether the italians ’cheated’.

Only now, a half year delay, and long after, all protest periods have expired, and at a time when the FIA and Ferrari have applauded the case, to get on the field.

It is too late. And it is in my opinion pathetic. Formula 1-WORLD cup 2020 to be decided on the court – not in court. And it starts on Sunday the 15. march.

Peter R.

B. T.’s Formula 1 correspondent. Educated cand. jur. in 1987, but has since worked in Formula 1 as a journalist. Every year, for all the Formula 1 races. A member of the Club 500 for the journalists who have attended more than 500 Formula 1 races. Holder of the Grand Prix Photo