The Danish continuing confusions in the confrontation with the corona virus has caused an unprecedented shutdown of our society.

the Decision was taken according to the precautionary principle in a chaotic time, where it was difficult to get a clear sense of how a society should deal with the impending outbreak of the infection.

Whether it was the right decision to close the society so dramatically down is still too early to say.

It may very well have helped to curb the spread of the infection, but it also will be the proper strategy on the other side of easter, is highly doubtful.

It is already documented that the Danish health authorities have largely ignored the WHO’s recommendations on pursuing an aggressive testing strategy.

at the same time, with the decommissioning of the society went to namely in Denmark from a strategy on the best of their ability to contain the corona-infection with the test and subsequent isolation of the infected to mitigate the impact and spread of the.

With it, you know now, it appears, however, that the current Danish strategy will only prolong the crisis and push the wave of infected in the future.

the Experience of other countries, where people have managed to reverse the trend, shows that it is the strategy which the world health organisation recommends that works best. The strategy, which embrace the broad, detect the infected and isolate them from all others.

along the Way in the process both the health minister Magnus Heunicke and director at the Health agency, Søren Brostrøm, been woven in the communication about Denmark’s strategy in relation to the tests.

In spite of the very clear recommendations from the WHO could be at Wednesday’s press conference to hear Helene Probst from the national board of Health explain that you would continue to assess the WHO’s recommendations in relation to the Danish health care system.

You have in other words going to be critical to the guidelines of the WHO.

“We are looking at it,” said Probst and continued: “you should take some reservations to the WHO’s recommendations, which is very rammesættende. The healthcare system in Denmark is different than in other places.”

sitting back with a sense of pride and stubbornness play an unfortunate role.

But now there is a need for clarity and a way forward for Denmark. There is a need, we listen to the wisest.

the university laboratories and private companies have bedyret, that they in a short time can help to test for the coronavirus.

In the Faroe islands and in Norway it is a fast switch fødevarelaboratorier, else test for the virus in the fish, to test for coronavirus in humans.

Heunicke and Brostrøm need to bite all the shame in themselves, and listen fully and completely to the leading experts and give a appreciative albuestød to all those who stand ready to help test.