There are cracks in kriseberedskabets unity.

It is not good.

Prime minister Mette Frederiksen closed the border on Friday night without having to justify it further. Most understood and accepted the quite exceptional step of consideration for the health challenge.

But at Saturday’s press conference took the medical authorities by director Søren Brostrøm in the tip parts of the press conference to explain that it was not his and the national board of Health recommendation. The rest of Saturday was current and former health professionals in the queue to explain that it does not have any significance to fight the infection, if we close the border.

If the first is 1,000 infected within the limit, it makes no difference whether there is one or two more, explained an epidemiologist in several places.

the Decision was the prime minister and her alone.

Sunday at 12 o’clock presented Mette Frederiksen its aid package to the business at a large press conference in the prime minister’s office. She responded also to questions about the closed borders and the lack of recommendation from health authorities.

‘For quite a few weeks ago there were a number of authorities, who believed that the infection would not come to Denmark, and that it was not dangerous.’

An obvious and direct slap in the face to the health authorities who have stood by the side of the prime minister on the many press conferences. They are wrong, is the underlying conclusion.

It is a fierce and direct criticism of the authorities, who are put in charge to assess how serious smittefaren is, and what tools should be in use.

It is obvious that smittefaren from the north of Italy and Austria has been underestimated, and the prime minister recognises it on the health authorities ‘ behalf. That comes, of course, a subsequent showdown.

Mette Frederiksen, is not satisfied and has therefore taken upon himself to take the unpleasant decisions – without the authorities ‘ advice. It is quite simple to take the kinds of drastic decisions without a professional basis.

There must be equalized between the prime minister’s office and the national board of Health and thus the psychological energy to move forward. It is important that there should be decided and communicated in the community. It has succeeded in convincing well until now.

Prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, has won a tremendous confidence in the people with his determination and his direct communication to the population. She appears to be both honest and competent. But there will be worn in the trust, when decisions are not to be properly, openly and professionally justified.

the Prime minister has a point in that the time to act is now and here. Rather act than wait. She has no need for evidence, as the medical authorities. Time is the only thing, she does not have. Therefore, trust the people on, to the far-reaching intervention is done to everyone’s best.

it is important, Therefore, that the prime minister and the health authorities will find the ground again. In should preferably decide the same. In should preferably communicate the same. In hang together.

the Border is closed and life must go on.

to go to the front.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2