Midfielder Ayaz Guliyev transferred to “Spartak-2”. According to a source at the club, the player has violated the discipline.

the Official website of “Spartak” announced the transfer Guliyev. The message is not called, the reason for this decision. Guliyev is training with the main squad will be involved in 18-year-old midfielder Konstantin Shiltsov.

According to the “SE”, such decision was accepted in connection with a breach of discipline on the part of the player. According to the newspaper, Guliev allowed myself incorrect communication with members of the coaching staff.

Guliyev – the pupil of “Spartak”. In 2018, the Moscow club sold it to Rostov, but in 2019 it is bought back. At first Guliyev played in the starting lineup red and white, but then more was in stock. This season he has played for “Spartak” 15 matches.