Showbiz, Axel Daeseleire (51) has been recorded in the St. Vincentiusziekenhuis in Antwerp, belgium. His manager confirms that he is positive and has been tested on the corona, but would not elaborate on the status of the actor.

According to its manager, Ken Lambert, it was Axel’s Daeseleiretwee days ago it was admitted to the hospital. He has had the symptoms, and the symptoms and it was just as a precaution to the hospital, where doctors determined that he has a positive test on the COVID-19.Reportedly, the actor was seriously ready for it yet, but have been preciezetoestand want to be a manager is provisional, nothing is lost. “We believe in recovery and believe that it will all quickly follow. He is currently in good hands and being well taken care of. Axel is a strong guy and now the uitzieken, just like the many of patients that need to do so. That is, it will take some time, we’ll see how he’s doing.”

from Where Axel got infected is not known. The Manager, Ken Lambert does not give any further details, and it may be well not to tell, or to Capture fast the hospital will be allowed to leave.By Sarah Van der Meiren, the partner, Daeseleire, and put Axel over Instagram is definitely a heart under the belt.“My heart, my life, my world, ” she said at a photo of the both of them. Also, she shared a picture of a lighted candle, in order to Capture business.