His Foundation have confirmed the death of the native Californian on Sunday, reported the Los Angeles Times. Baldessari had to work in the past few decades, with photo and video, collages and photo-montages helped to shape the so-called concept art is essential and a number of young artists inspired.

For the Frankfurter Städel-Museum had been created by the artist 2015, a total of 16 large-format collages based on images from the collection. Three years earlier, Baldessari had received the kaiserring in 2012, the city of Goslar. The Ring is considered to be one of the world’s most important awards for contemporary art.

Baldessari has often been excellent. Among other things, he received in 2009 for his life’s work, the Golden lion of the 53. Biennale.

people’s artist Veronika Fitz dies at 83 years of age, PCP, people’s artist Veronika Fitz dies at the age of 83 years