AvtoVAZ will adjust price-lists of all models from 1 April

the last time prices for Lada cars totally raised from January 1, but the current increase, according to rumors, is not related to currency fluctuations: we are talking about a planned price increase, and it will be relatively small.

the Plant has supposedly sent out to all dealers information letter with the notice of the increase – this is with reference to own sources reports “Russian newspaper”. According to the publication, the average of the Tolyatti cars will rise in price by 5-10 thousand rubles.

For example, the minimum cost sedan Lada Granta will increase from the current 900 455 460 rubles to 900 rubles, basic Lada Vesta will cost 629 636 900 to 900 rubles, for Lada Xray will have to pay 900 619, 626 and already 900 rubles, Lada Largus will cost 900 615 and 622 900 rubles, and, finally, the minimum price of Lada 4×4 will rise from 553 to 900 559 900 rubles.

the Sources claim that the rewriting of the labels – not an emergency, and the planned measure. However, according to others, the price increase may be due to excessive demand for cars, which supposedly see dealers of AVTOVAZ.

it is Worth noting that about a possible increase in prices at the factory warned in early spring. Then this measure as time is called forced and was associated with collapse of the ruble and oil prices, and increasing raw material costs.

Text: Avtovesti