In an emotional Statement by Tereza Kacerova (26), adopted a year ago in Instagram by Avicii (†28). Only after the tragic death of the Star DJs of the Czech Model as his girlfriend has admitted to coming out of the closet – previously the relationship had been a secret.

Nearly a year after the Swedish Superstar, of the citizens was called Lich, Tim Bergling, was lifeless, found in a Hotel in Oman, has found his last love your Smile again. In the case of Instagram Kacerova shows her new boyfriend: The man at your side, it is the Danes Morten Breum (37), also DJ and producer.

“I didn’t let anyone on to me”

The Model is declared, it must only be opened for a new love. “I’ve always had trouble with relationships. (…) It was destroyed my heart in the past year, I have given up. I’ve decided that I’m done. Thus, to set my heart on the line,” she writes. “Even the happiest love seemed to be in pain. I have no one let on to me. (…) Sometimes I felt lonely, and saw a happy Couple and thought, that’s what I want, maybe it is. But then I was sad because I realized that I knew how to do that.”

Kacerova continues: “Then I met someone. Someone who is smart, funny, and open, with a European mentality and morals that I lack in Los Angeles. Someone with a Job that fits to my life style, looks good and like a God smells.”

“Under all that grief was still a heart”

“I was able to be in a healthy relationship. (…) The only responsible thing was for me to destroy it before it could begin. I told him the worst things about me and described me as the worst girlfriend I would be. I was looking for ridiculous excuses to keep him at a distance. (…) But under all the sadness and the bewilderment was still a heart, and I began to feel something.”

The Model was on the relationship with the Danish DJ. The photo with the musician, she writes: “we are now in Ibiza, totally in love. Fragile and vulnerable. Happy. We make plans forever and fly around the world to see each other, so that we do not spend separately for more than ten days. Yes, nothing can hurt you more than love – but what is life without love?”

The Fans are looking forward for the Model who has found his happiness. “I know a man on you from heaven looks down and is happy that you’re happy and you writes finally back with all of your heart, can laugh”, a User. “You deserve nothing more than luck. I wish you only the Best,” said a Fan.

“I’ll never forget you, but I’m going to let”

To Avicii’s death Kacerova shared a Video from happy days with the DJ. In January she wrote about a photo that shows the Couple with Kacerovas son from a previous relationship: “I drove for the both of us with a motorcycle from Hanoi to Ho-Chi-Minh-city. We had the whole trip by laughing. Instead, I spent them in order to cope with your death. I’ll never forget you. But I let go.” (kad)

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