the national Council Also cut short his work, to show for a short time with the woman to go on strike in solidarity. Many national councillors and national Councillors mingled briefly among the protesters on the Bundesplatz in Bern. Only a few conservative men remained demonstratively seated, like a picture in the “Tagesschau” of the Swiss television suggests.

After the break, the members returned to their work. Because, above all, the policy has it in Hand, to talk through the right course, not only of equality and equal opportunities, but also in reality. This is a study of the liberal think tank “Avenir Suisse” shows.

The paper shows what has improved since the first women’s strike in 1991 – and where there is still a need for action. The conclusion from an economic liberal point of view: “In the case of this topic has achieved a great deal, it
but there are still air upward.”

the pharmaceutical industry

does that, For example, in the policy itself. The number of women in national and cantonal parliaments and governments, although not increased since 1991, but still far from the gender distribution in the company.

In education, it runs better, in the meantime, men are somewhat more likely to finish than women a University education. However, the distribution in the choice of subjects is very different. The Humanities and social Sciences are women’s preferred subjects of study, like law or, particularly medicine and pharmacy.

Just the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals shows how a high proportion of women can affect a whole industry. The pharmaceutical industry is one with respect to equality of the most advanced in Switzerland. Just Pharma giant, Novartis, has made a woman the Head of the strongest sales Division and by 1. July an 18-week paternity leave was introduced.

income killer work on the budget.

as before, it is the women who take care of the majority of the household and children. To want to also make a career is a very difficult task. The Situation has shifted in the last two decades, only slightly in favor of the women.

writes Avenir Suisse: “Even if men today a little more and women a little less time with house and family work than in 1991, the big is done with part of unpaid domestic and family work between women. These differences not only affect the earned income of women negatively, but also their pension rights. “In addition, the proportion of part-time work men in Switzerland at a relatively low 10 percent.

For “Avenir Suisse” is clear: a Lot of things that promote equality, through a liberal labor market rules. So as not to show the Parliamentarians only in solidarity with women strikers, but also the corresponding political framework.

Six points of the agenda of the liberal think-tank close to the top: the individual taxation of husband and wife, the Expansion of the supply of child care and the introduction of childcare vouchers, a more appropriate and flexible parental leave, and a maximum annual working time. In the eyes of the “Avenir Suisse”, this corresponds to a need of the economy, which is always organized in a more project-based.