Available expensive iPhone or Android? Named the

the Company BankMyCell involved in the purchase and resale of used smartphones, has published data on how quickly the cheaper devices of various brands. As it turned out, Apple device owners can resell them much cheaper, with cheaper iPhone a little faster and more available.

the worst purchase from this point of view — the flagship Android smartphones (this is indirectly confirmed by the rating of the most sold models in 2019, the year). They, according to the study, lose a year cost the same as iPhone are losing for two years — 45%, and for two years the average Android flagship is cheaper by 71%.

iPhone 2018, the year that he borrowed during the year, fell by only 23.5%. Less just fell for 2019, the year the relatively affordable iPhone XR (by 21.55%), and most of all — expensive iPhone XS Max (by 25.51%). While Samsung Galaxy S10+ in just 9 months of 2019, the lost 45,26% of the cost.

No better is the case with smartphones-the state on Android: after twelve months they can be resold for half the original cost. The study analyzed the prices of new and used devices from Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Google. Two years cheap smartphone depreciates and is 80%.

Text: To.Hi-tech