Availability of masks in Russian pharmacies appreciated

Medical masks were only 1 percent of Russian pharmacies. The availability of these means of protection assessed the respondents “News” to market participants.

Most pharmacies selling masks, located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and some cities of Moscow region. However, over the past two weeks, most protective devices have been sold in the North-Western administrative district of the capital and in the suburbs.

According to the CEO of an aggregator, “Megaptera.ru” Dmitry Chirkov, the high demand for masks in Russia slept, however, offer pharmacies still do not meet demand. He added that more and more masks appear in the shop at the drugstores and retail stores, as the latter can afford to purchase them without the right certificates or unproven vendors.

according to DSM Group, 6-12 April, the Russians bought in pharmacies 830 thousand packages of masks 1-3 pieces each in the amount of 17.2 million rubles. In late January — early February, the sale of masks was about 8 million every week.

Executive Director, Association of independent pharmacies Victoria Presnyakov expressed confidence that the situation with masks should stabilize within a week. However, the prices of protective equipment will not be below. “They grew up for various reasons. The average cost of one mask will be 30-40 rubles, and before the epidemic of 6-8 rubles could buy three things”, she explained.

the Total number of infected in Russia exceeded 52 763 people in 85 regions. For the last day fixed 5642 new infections. Since the epidemic began COVID-19 died 456 people, recovered 3873 people.