robot cars are not only tested in California (USA) and not only from Apple or Google, Mercedes, or Tesla. But also in Switzerland, on public roads. The Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen (VBSH) about testing in Neuhausen SH, a self-propelled Bus in the line. Since March 2018, he promoted as line 12 of around 30’000 passengers. Due to a lot of traffic, other cars, law, kicks, pedestrians and Cyclists with a supervisor, if necessary, to intervene. Nevertheless, the Autonomous Bus bounced at the 2. June with an E-Bike together. The 72-year-old driver crashed: the hospital! The trial operation was temporarily discontinued.

technology is not to blame for the accident

An example of the dangers of Autonomous cars? By no means, the VBSH, today, give the all-clear. Managing Director Bruno brother-in-law: “technology and Sensors worked, and led to the accident.” More in Detail, Peter Schneck, CEO Trapeze Switzerland (operates PUBLIC transportation systems in over 200 cities) is: “There were two bikes to the left of the Bus, and the E-Bike came from the right,” says Schneck: “The Bus has independently held. After that, the supervisor has overridden the Software.” The man has so the E-Bike overlooked or the Biker the Bus? The clarification of the police. But: It was human error. This confirms what experts assert: it is Autonomous, it is safer.

test technology

The confidence in the technology is not only in Neuhausen large: Not only the Autonomous Bus has resumed on Thursday the operation – the Federal roads office (Astra) approved now a longer distance to the Rhine falls down. Thus, the challenge for the technology is increasing as the Bus drives through the crowds of tourists at one of the most visited sights in Switzerland. Soothing: Because of the accident the vehicle does not get to the 15 percent slope from the Rhine to the centre of the village, is now a Bus with more advanced Sensors and more powerful engines in use. Not because of the crash, but as a normal development. Brother-in-law reassured: “The Astra is much stricter than the police and would not have issued the permit, if after the accident, in doubt as to the security of supply.”