Rafael Beutl : I’m a rather impatient and fast drivers. When the light Orange shows up, I want to proceed yet, but the other always on the brake. Also, jam is annoying – and, the dream on the road around, and gawk at, or extremely selfish, for example when Threading.

Join the win a car!

Choose from 46 auto mobile innovations to your favorites and make the “favorite car of the Swiss”. Among all participants, a Hyundai will be raffled off Kona to the value of 46’990 CHF.

shoes. Half of my wardrobe, no, half of my apartment, or even half my life is in the car. Important when Driving sunglasses, and chewing gum are not, even if the Chew against the impatience really helps.

Smoking. The smell just stays in the car, and that is just a shame in the case of expensive models. It simply looks dingy and consideration is not also to the riders to the full.

the Swiss car of the year

Rafael Beutl has been chosen as a member of the celebrity Jury of the stylishste car Switzerland. But they, too, join you can: Select www.schweizer-auto-des-jahres.ch from a list of 46 cars news to your favorites and make the model as a favorite car of the Swiss!

SUV at a value of nearly 47’000 Fr. win

Give your voice to the 17. November. Among all participants, the “Schweizer Illustrierte”, together with its partners, Autoscout24, VIEW, SonntagsBlick, “L’illustré” and “Il caffè” a Hyundai Kona in the value of up to 46’990 CHF are giving away. It also gives you the choice between a Kona with pure electric drive, gasoline, Diesel, or Hybrid.

other prices

As the second prize is a set of Continental-PW tyres to the value of 1000 francs. The third prize are two VIP-Tickets for the Seat Music Session 2020. These are exclusive and not available in stores.