Reluctantly, we remind us of the first Attempts by Chinese automakers to gain a foothold in Europe. Example Jiangling with the off-roader the land wind: in The fell through when required for Homologation crash test high-angular. That was almost 15 years ago. Meanwhile, the Chinese have learned to Bauer, and to build for our European taste very acceptable, safe and, above all, advanced and affordable vehicles.

Roger Kunz of the Auto Kunz AG in Wohlen AG has decided to accept the Import of Chinese brand JAC for Switzerland. As the first model in Switzerland, he offers the all-electric Compact SUV, the e-S2 – also available online for purchase with free home delivery. Roger Kunz: “The Chinese JAC e-S2 is the ehehsten with the electric SUV Kona Hyundai compare, but costs only 29’989 francs.” And there is also a three-year manufacturer’s warranty (5 years on the battery) and three years of free service.

Who is the manufacturer JAC is?

But who is JAC and how the e-S2? During a short visit to Auto Kunz Roger Kunz tells us: “JAC builds since 1964 vehicles and offers from small cars to trucks, a complete range of vehicles. Meanwhile, JAC annually, about 1.3 million vehicles in China and exported worldwide. In addition, the brand has recently signed a Joint-Venture with VW.”

What is the China SUV offers?

We grab one of the first to sell the copies for a short test ride. Our first impression is positive. The space in the e-S2 are similar to the Hyundai Kona. The Cockpit is well-arranged, equipped with, among other things, 360-degree all-Round sit-on camera and Parking sensors, climate, Radio, and leather interior including sports with red stitching, alloy wheels and Keyless lock system. The workmanship looks neat – we could even sit in a Nissan or Kia.

As the e-S2?

We start: The battery is not completely full, yet the Display shows 241 km range. Just under 300 kilometres to the promise of the Chinese. And download the JAC can be either from the domestic socket (11 hours), at a Wallbox (5 hrs) or the fastest with the same power (in 50 Min. to 80 % full). The acceleration of the 116-horsepower Front-wheel drive with its 40 KW battery is neat. Something, according to the rolling noise of the tyre, what you take in otherwise quiet electric car, of course, particularly well. Otherwise, however, the e-S2 drives in a very unspectacular fashion. He bounces comfortably and steers accurately. Apparently, China’s auto makers have learned since the country in wind-Disaster powerful. Less than 30’000 Swiss francs for the China-Stromer JAC e-S2 are a surprisingly cheaper Rate. And the competition is likely to come into the Brood.

Also a trial subscription is possible

We spoke with JAC importer Roger Kunz on quality, Service and the different sales models of the first Chinese E-cars to Switzerland.

Roger Kunz: Clear. But if you look at where today’s modern Smartphones come, you will notice that the Chinese area of work a long time in the high-tech excellent. This also applies to the vehicles and especially the electric drive. In addition, the manufacturer offers a three year full warranty and five years on the battery. And we offer this with the Swiss Pack three years free service. In addition, the JAC
e-S2 has a European approval. This means that the vehicle can be approved in Europe and Switzerland without further checks. And it had to go through before dozens of test procedures successfully.

We, as the importer of the sale, so the parts supply and warranty processing, make sure the Anus. We are supported by the Austrian General importer that belongs to the Raiffeisen group. From 2020, the Derendinger is group of over 300 after-sales partners in the supply of spare parts and the extension of the service to ensure points. And similarly as in the case of Tesla, the manufacturer via the SIM card constantly monitors the technical condition of the E-Vehicle and detects any problems immediately and can act accordingly.

True. For all who do not trust the Chinese manufacturer, or basically, the E-mobility yet, we offer virtually a trial and rent the Stromer (at least three months) for 26.30 Swiss francs per day. Who came then to the taste, you can buy the car, subject to deduction of 50 percent of the rental cost. Also, of course, a classic lease or All-inclusive lease is possible. For free, there is a half-fare travelcard, SBB, so that the customer can choose between different means of transport.

of Course, as many as possible. Concrete Numbers we call, no …

We hope to around the middle.

Interview: Raoul Schwinnen