In the long term, Volkswagen will no longer offer petrol and diesel engines in Germany and will put all models on new electric platforms. It doesn’t always have to be an SUV: the ID7 Tourer will take on the role of the Passat in the future. FOCUS Online has the first information.

The VW Passat is a legend in Emden. For years, the production plant in Emden was the backbone of the middle class. The plant in Emden has now become an electrical plant, and the entire group is switching to battery cars in Europe. If VW still offers a Passat with petrol or diesel engines in the future, it will certainly not be built in Germany. In order to save costs, the car is built together with Skoda models in Bratislava (Slovakia).

At the Emden site, Volkswagen has invested around one billion euros in converting production with its 8,000 employees. “The rapid expansion of production capacities for our successful ID.4 model is an important component of our Accelerate strategy. We are thus accelerating the transformation towards CO2-free mobility and creating additional capacities to meet the high demand for electric vehicles,” says Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter.

In addition to the electric crossover ID.4, Emden will produce another vehicle with a plug in the coming year, the internally named “Aero B”. In addition, production of the ID. buzz an; From 2023 ID.3 will also come from Wolfsburg and from 2026 another electric vehicle will roll off the assembly line at the site with the so-called VW Trinity. In addition, the group is investing in Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Kassel, among other things, in the further expansion of the existing MEB production of battery systems, rotor/stator and electric motor. The Salzgitter site is being expanded to become a European battery hub.

As early as autumn 2019, Volkswagen presented the study of the ID. Space Vizzion unveiled to the public at the Los Angeles Auto Show. With a drag coefficient of 0.24, the study of the VW ID. Space Vizzion very good. The front apron channels the airflow, uses it to cool the electrical components and, in conjunction with the rear spoiler and the diffuser, generates downforce.

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In combination with the 82 kilowatt hour battery, the vehicle has a range of 590 kilometers. Smaller battery packs are also planned for entry-level models. Also the probable name for the car is now known: Like the “Auto Motor

The Los Angeles study was powered by a 205 kW / 279 hp electric motor on the rear axle; An optional 75 kW / 102 PS coaxial drive can be added at the front, creating a system output of 250 kW / 340 PS. In 5.4 seconds, the VW ID. Space Vizzion highway speed and is up to 180 km/h fast. Due to the balanced weight distribution, the 4.96 meter long space glider should also rush through curves quickly. When the batteries are charged with 150 kilowatts of direct current, they are 80 percent full in about half an hour.

VW is breaking new ground in the interior: the classic cockpit with round instruments is a thing of the past. Instead, only the most necessary information such as the speed and the charge level of the battery are shown on a narrow mini display. In addition, there is a head-up display that provides further data and takes the next step in navigation: In future, the directional arrows will appear to be projected onto the road, making orientation much easier. A 15.6-inch touchscreen serves as the information center and the automatic lever moves to the steering wheel, as with the ID.3. While there was room for up to seven people in the study, the production model of the Aero B will remain a five-seater.

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