As we drive in the future? With this issue, the car industry is struggling currently. There is still no clear Trend can be observed, as we will be in 15 years on the road. Sure is only that it attracts more and more people in the major conurbations.

Audi AI:ME

This Trend is Audi, with its displayed in China, study AI:ME the invoice. The 125 kW/170 HP strong E-mobile from driver support, via eye contact over a screen belt under the flat windshield (!) or it drives autonomously (Level 4). In the front there are two comfortable individual seats, the rear one to the side surfaces around a solid Bank with a lounge character for two other occupants.

VW ID Roomzz

Clearly close-to-production as the Audi-Gimmick seems to be the ID Roomzz the new ID-electrical family of VW. After the end of the year, start Compact ID Neo and the 2021 fix scheduled ID Buzz could of 4,92 meters long Roomzz as a blend of SUV and station wagon, with space for up to seven persons VWs-ID-expand family. The Shanghai-shown study with one E-Motor at the front and rear (225 kW/306 HP) and flat in the sub-soil 82 built-kWh battery pack to guarantee a range of up to 450 kilometers.

On request, autonomously

The Roomzz-driver can drive yourself, or pressing five seconds on the VW Logo in the steering Wheel, and the vehicle takes Autonomous driving operation (step 4). The steering Wheel is in the rest position, and the driver can relax as the passengers in the car. Chances of a series production? Yes! In two to three years of the Roomzz is likely to become a reality, promises to be a VW Insider.