Authorities have ruled out led and the aircraft tires from the list of goods for mandatory labeling

Authorities have ruled out a Bicycle inner tube, tyre and rim tape, Bicycle and aircraft tires from the list of goods subject to mandatory marking means of identification. The corresponding decree posted on the government website.

an experiment on the tyre label was held from 20 June to 30 November 2019, the Ministry agreed with the proposal of the tyre manufacturers to exclude from the list for marking some products, in particular, aircraft and Bicycle tires, reports “Interfax”.

“This decision is one of the many examples of constructive dialogue between business, CBT and control in the framework of the experiment, which allows to adapt the marking to the real needs of companies and make it more effective and popular,” — said the representative of the Centre of advanced technology development (CRPD).

the List of goods subject to mandatory labeling, approved by government order № 792-R of April 28, 2018 To the related goods tobacco products, perfumes, toilet water, tires, tires, various items of clothing (coats, raincoats, jackets, blouses), shoes, bedding, table linen and kitchen linen, of the camera and flash.

the Purpose of marking is to reduce the turnover of counterfeit goods in Russia. The operator of the marking system stands CCT — a joint venture between USM Alisher Usmanov (the”Wasam Technology”, 50%), GK “rostec” (concern “Automatics”, 25%) and “Elvis-Plus group” Alexander Galitsky (25%).