Authorities have denied reports of unplanned growth of utility tariffs

Neverov said that reports of an unscheduled increase in utility tariffs due to the implementation of such rules is not true.

Is impossible because a marginal level of growth of payment for utilities is limited, he said.

Also “scare” the fact that the resource providers will include the Commission in the tariff. However, it is directly forbidden by government decree, which comes into force in September this year, said the MP.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/ RIA Novosti Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services wants to take control of the repair

Another “horror story” – banks will no longer service, because it will suffer huge losses, and “almost the banking system will collapse” because the proposed draft law.

– There are instances when banks will not charge Commission from their customers-pensioners, because they are always on account of stable balance (and it is a profitable customer for the Bank), said Neverov. – You can offer to reimburse these costs from the profits of resource companies, which is also not the last piece of bread eats.

Note that prior to the introduction of the bill the deputies introduced his concept at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In response, the President instructed to formulate the initiative. “It’s such chinagrate”, – said the President about the current practice of charging commissions. The idea is also supported by the Central Bank.

Neverov previously explained that the unfairness of such a Commission can be constantly heard from the citizens. According to him, the Bank charges that are levied on citizens for the payment of mandatory fees range from 0.5% to 2%. Regardless of how committed the payment in cash through the Bank, online or through an ATM.