Authorities and experts commented on the idea to attach Kaliningrad oblast to Poland

We are not prepared to comment on the degree of sanity of the readers of the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza. So the initiative to take advantage of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 to attach Kaliningrad region to Poland responded the head of the press service of the Kaliningrad government Dmitry Lyskov.

He assured that any discussions at official level on this issue is not. The Polish scientist michał Mozolewski doubted whether the readers of Gazeta Wyborcza, made a proposal on the accession of Poland to Kaliningrad sober.

“A lot of people now because of the coronavirus do not go to work, sit at home, — quotes RIA Novosti Maslovskogo. Probably the commentators of boredom abuse alcohol and under the influence of alcohol write such nonsense. If this was written by a sober person, then its value in any case is questionable.”

Gazeta Wyborcza said that after the closure of the Russian border because of the coronavirus for foreigners and individuals without citizenship until April 30, Kaliningrad oblast was in semi-isolation. The Polish newspaper reported that residents of the Russian exclave on the weekends used to make purchases in Polish supermarkets, and now deprived of this opportunity. Readers of the edition offered to return the same opportunity in exchange for territory. The Warsaw of coronavirus has closed its borders and does not pass through its territory inhabitants of the Baltic States who return home because of the quarantine.

political Scientist Michael Mozolewski noted that in Poland no self – respecting power-neither the authorities nor the opposition, nor the notorious nationalist and openly anti-Russian forces seriously the possibility of changing the nationality of the Kaliningrad region was not discussed.

Calls by some poles to “collect” the Kaliningrad region will automatically lead to the possibility of changing the status of borders of the Poland, including the Western border of the country, said General Director of the Russian Council betweenpeople’s Affairs (RIAC) Andrey Kortunov.

Andrey Kortunov recalled that the territory of the Kaliningrad region never does not belong to Poland. It was East Prussia. This region borders with the countries of the European Union – Lithuania and Poland – and has access to the Baltic sea.

cross-border cooperation in the context of pandemic coronavirus is a topic for serious discussion, said Andrei Kortunov, because it has big implications for business, and humanitarian contacts.

“the question is important, says Kortunov. — But to put it in the context of a possible annexation of the Kaliningrad region is, I would say, in bad taste”.