Born on 14. In June 1923, she fled as a nine-year-old with her Jewish family from Berlin in 1933. Her father, Alfred Kerr (1867-1948) was in the Weimar Republic, a celebrated critic; the Nazis burnt his books.

Kerr’s experiences were incorporated in the semi-autobiographical children’s book “When Hitler and the pink rabbit steel” (1971). The story of Anne, who must leave to escape a pink plush rabbit in Berlin, was the award-winning Bestseller and mandatory reading in German schools.

in 1936, settled the family after stays in Switzerland and France in London; Kerr graduated from the art school. After the war, she worked as an editor for the BBC, where you know your man, the British television writer Nigel Kneale, I learned. They were married until his death in 2006.

in 1968, Kerr made the breakthrough in the UK with their debut album “The Tiger comes to tea”; a children’s book series, the eccentric cat “Mog” followed. Worldwide, it sold nine million of the books have been translated into 25 languages. The passionate artist and author, wrote to an old age. In 2016, was published in German “A seal for Mr Albert”, based on her father, who had raised an abandoned baby seal, which he had found on the beach.