The Austrians are coming! XXXLutz swallows the Swiss tradition house furniture Pfister, Dr. Richard, the Swiss wants to take long-distance bus routes by Eurobus, the Austrian Skikönige the family schröck needle in the ski areas of Savognin and Saas-Fee. And the Signa Holding of René Benko (42) with a seat at the finest address in the city of Vienna is interested in the Acquisition of the Migros-house of globe.

The surprise in Switzerland many. Most of the thinking in the neighbouring country of Sisi, Mozart balls, festival, or skiing and not an economic power.

Underrated export champion of the world

I was Wrong! But the Swiss are far from the Only ones, the Austria, not to fully take. “Many underestimate the economic power of Austria, perceive the country as a tourism nation. The industry is a higher percentage than in Germany,” says Manfred Schmid (50), the Austrian economy delegate in Switzerland. To also add, that the Austrian Per capita output was higher than in Germany.

however, Austria is also a kind of “export world champion”. With 60’000 export-oriented companies in Austria has significantly more exporters than Switzerland. “Many small businesses see their home market, but also in the neighbouring countries of the EU. And the competition from Austria is like a fitness program. For Austria, the EU accession without a doubt a blessing!” Even if you don’t want to have notoriously over Europe raunzenden Austrians always true.

Hardened in the home market,

competition in The home market, has steeled the transport company, Dr. Richard. For decades, the company leads in both the Near – as well as in long-distance transport bus routes, often in competition with state-owned enterprises. Now, Dr. Richard reaches for the remote bus business in Switzerland, hopes to have more success than the Swiss company Eurobus, which has just discontinued their Swiss routes. “In a foreign market, things are often different than a local applicant, recognize the view from the outside new opportunities,” says Werner Gumprecht (47), head coach of Austria in the case of Dr. Richard. So the Austrians want to grab your Chance. “Our recipe for remote buses: relatively short distances and a dense stroke.”

Not only the own EU accession in 1995 has strengthened the Austrian economy, the geographical and cultural proximity to Eastern Europe is an advantage: “We have used the opportunities for expansion after the fall of the wall faster than others. The industry has opened up new markets,” says the trade representative Schmid.

the export group heads

the Austrians have gained the money to expand not only to the East but to the West. In the case of the purchase of furniture, Pfister is a further feature still plays a role, as Schmid explains. “Austria has no major corporations, many successful medium-sized family-owned company with short decision-making.” So it is not surprising that the furniture-Pfister-the Deal went quickly and without noise on the stage. The Public learned only from earnings, not from the negotiations.

The lack of large corporations has brought forth another Austrian export hit: the group heads! Who wants to as an Austrian in the global economy top, of the need to leave the country, its spores in the case of foreign companies served.

Here are the Switzerland game. For us out about Peter Brabeck (74), the 1997 to 2017, at the top of the food multinationals, Nestlé came – first as CEO, then as President of the Board of Directors. Or the Tyrolean Severin Schwan (51) that, since 2008, the pharmaceutical giant Roche.