Austria will suspend air service to Russia

“to stop further importations from abroad, we will toughen the rules of entry. In the future will be denied entry to tourists directly from the UK, the Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine. Stopping the flights from these countries”, – quotes the head of the government Agency TASS. As specified in the Embassy of the Russian Federation, these measures will come into force at midnight on 17 March.

Photo: EPA-EFE/DAVID MARIUZ Russia closed the land border with Norway and Poland

According to Sebastian Kurz, in order to combat the spread of COVID-19 it is also planned to place some limits on the freedom of movement of citizens, will be closed playgrounds and sports facilities, restaurants, retail outlets (an exception is made for pharmacies grocery and gas stations). Already prohibited the holding of mass events. Museums, theatres, cinema, exhibition spaces, sports and night clubs closed their doors until the beginning of April. Educational institutions have moved into distance learning until at least April 12.

Previously, Kurtz has called the coronavirus, “the biggest challenge for Austria since the Second world war.” “Now we have to save lives. In addition, it is necessary to save our economy and our jobs,” said the Chancellor, urging citizens not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. He said Monday the country goes to the “emergency mode”.

“the Work will happen in the minimum mode, the best way to slow the spread of the virus. If all will contribute, then we will be able to noticeably slow down the virus to allow our economy and society to revive after Easter,” said Kurtz, adding that the authorities are ready to allocate four billion euros of aid to entrepreneurs because of losses due to government measures to combat the virusom.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ANGELO CARCONI who explained the reason for the high mortality rate from coronavirus in Italy

According to the latest data from the Ministry of social Affairs, the number of people infected with coronavirus in Austria has grown to 800 people. Cases of infection recorded in all nine regions of the country. Embassies and consulates of Austria stopped issuing visas.

Recall that at the end of December 2019, the Chinese authorities were informed about the outbreak of an unknown pneumonia in Wuhan in the Central part of the country. The who declared the situation an emergency. According to the latest data, the number of infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 to 137 thousand people.