Austria until the end of April extends the restrictions on access to the street

According to Kurtz, the end of the month will continue to be allowed to leave home only for trips to work, shopping, helping other people, as well as walks in the fresh air and exercise. Although restrictions continue to apply, from next week, small shops and building markets will again be able to open. “Of course, under strict security measures. This applies to wearing masks and disinfectants, as well as admission for a limited number of customers in the store”, said the Chancellor, adding that in may life in the country should be back to normal. Earn shopping centers, Barber shops, then restaurants and hotels.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ALEXANDER BECHER Austria patients with coronavirus track smartphones and fobs

Kurtz also noted that students will continue distance education to mid-may, exams will be held before the end of the semester.

At the same time, mass actions will be banned until the end of June.

According to the latest data in Austria was more than 12 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, 220 people died.